The aim of the indices is to provide an immediate overview of the current market situation in share transactions. In no way do they give a legally binding evaluation of the market or represent a recommendation to invest.


TRADEGATE market data flows into the calculation of the indices. The reference data is from 1.7.2008. This guarantees a comprehensible, continuous development.

The weighting among shares is primarily based on the market capitalisation of the respective free float, smoothing prevents extreme imbalances.

Ordinary and extraordinary adjustments

For the purpose of continuity and informative value of the indices, TRADEGATE reserves the right to make extraordinary adjustments to individual components with regard to the composition and calculation.

The index composition is monitored so that extraordinary adjustments can be made as soon as significant components require such modification.


The indices are a registered trademark of Tradegate AG Wertpapierhandelsbank. Any utilisation or circulation is prohibited unless provided for in the rights of use clause of a licence agreement. For parties interested in using the data, necessary documents can be obtained from



The German Security Index (GSX) represents a cross section of the current market in ca. 160 standard German stocks. It includes liquid German shares which have a significant share of sales in Germany.


The United States Index (USX) includes ca. 130 American top stocks. The securities in this index have a significant share of sales in the USA.


The Global Index includes ca. 440 international stocks.

PREPOX (Pre-Public-Offering-Index)

Tradegate Exchange enables trading in German and selected foreign new issues during the so called pre-IPO phase of a public offering. The trades completed during trading on a when-issued-basis each relate to the first day of listing announced on the intended market. The implementation regulations „When-Issued Trading“ apply.

Through PREPOX® Tradegate Exchange is also able to offer traders a tool for assessing the mood on the private investors’ market for new issues.

In the run up to the first listing, the percentage change in price of a new issue is measured against the average rate of the respective book-building spread and shown separately. Subsequently, all current German new issues flow into PREPOX volume weighted, based on the number of shares actually traded on TRADEGATE®.

Since well over 1 million private investors have access to TRADEGATE® this gives a reliable picture of the current estimation of new issues.

If the book-building spread is changed in the course of a new issue, the original average rate is still kept as the reference point because such a change made by the consortium banks already represents a reaction to the strength or weakness of the public's interest in a new issue.

By introducing PREPOX TRADEGATE® is providing a unique instrument for observing the attractive market segment of new issues. The range of services includes:

  • Overview of all current new issues
  • Display of the book-building spread
  • Provision of currently tradable bid and ask prices
  • Publication of the number of transactions
  • Indication of current trends
  • Illustration of the new issues market in a separate index


Real-time publication of the indices is available on the TRADEGATE website ( or from other vendors.

Interested vendors please contact

Tradegate Exchange GmbH
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The indices are a registered trademark of Tradegate AG Wertpapierhandelsbank.

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